Aviation Investors

Greenstone Aero has undertaken assignments for investment organizations with an interest in aviation. Our work is this area has been very broad from existing airlines requiring restructuring, existing airline due diligence through to the complete strategy and planning of new airlines.  Some examples of the work undertaken by Greenstone Aero include:

  • Airline due diligence
  • Market opportunity assessment
    • Competitors
    • Market gaps
    • Opportunity identification and valuation
  • New airline strategy
  • Application of Greenstone Aero profitability models
    • Cost modeling
    • Revenue projections
    • Competitors
    • Profit and Loss
    • Investment valuation projections
    • Risk matrix and risk quantification
    • Capacity modeling up to 5 years out
  • Fleet and network strategies
  • Brand position and brand development
  • Service class configuration
  • Pricing and revenue management