Green Aviation Strategy

Optimizing fleet to mission and aircraft efficiency - Eco Aviation - Airlines, Airports, New Technology

The environment is an issue with global focus currently, and aviation related activity and the green house gases produced by aircraft are the target of many regulatory groups. Aviation and air travel are critical to the success of the global economy.  Advances in aircarft technolgy and fuel research is seeing the CO2 production rate reducing for newer aircraft. 

The worlds air fleet still has a large number of older, less efficient aircraft in operation.  Airlines operating old aircraft or fleet types not optimial to the mission have insufficient returns to enable investment in new fleet types.

The Greenstone Aero approach is to ensure airlines, airports and other aviation service providers allow for the best mix to ensure an efficeint airline system to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Our approach to minimise this impact from a commercial planning perspective is to ensure the airline system is as efficient as possible and utilising the right aircraft types operating an efficient network design.

  • Optimal fleet type for mission
  • Different networks require different aircraft
  • "Point to Point" versus "Hub and Spoke" network design - getting the mix right
  • New aircraft requirements analysis
  • Optimising passenger flow across the air network
  • Fleet type selection
  • Fleet investmnet and funding analysis
  • Eco Aviation Strategies for Airlines and Airports