Network Strategy

Optimising and review network strategy, markets, fleet, competitors and utilisation. PC Airflite expertise.

The optimal network strategy and network design needs to consider almost every aspect of the airline operation and environment.  Greenstone Aero recognises the complex balancing required to achieve the best mix between market and operational requirements.

Optimal fleet type requirements, market sizes, competitors, fleet type economics all need to be considered when designing the network.  The Greenstone Aero planning models can test many network scenarios, and when utilised with the Greenstone Aero financial model can be tested for profitability.

Greenstone is able to develop entirely new network strategies or to review existing network structures.

Core functions of Greenstone Aero capability:

  • Fleet assignment
  • Sabre PC Airflite expertise
  • Greenstone Aero market model
  • Greenstone Aero fleet assignment model
  • Greenstone Aero network profitability model
  • Competitive network offering
  • Fleet type requirements
  • Network Growth
  • Fleet utilization optimisation
  • Market and connectivity optimization
  • On-time performance by efficient network design - the deliverable network
  • Time of day, day of week optimization
  • Fleet types to market
  • Revenue modelling
  • Competitor and game theory network models
  • Detailed schedule design
  • Capacity planning models